How to make your twitter followers get you more followers and likes

Sometimes you don’t have to work really hard to get a thousand twitter likes or followers. A little engagement with your current followers, some participation in twitter trends and some bit of self-marketing can actually make all your twitter followers want to share your posts and invite others to follow you as well. The first thing you should do however is work hard to become an influencer on the social network. Be the ‘go to’ person on your area off specification, so that everyone one will want to read your tweets before believing what the blogs and news networks say.

After that, start showing interest on what your twitter followers say about you. Ignore the negatives, or at least address those issues if they are genuine, but mainly focus on the positive things they say about you and show your appreciation. That way more flowers develop some form of ‘emotional attachment’ to you and will want to give you twitter likes on everything you post.

The Fuss behind Instagram Likes

As a newbie into Instagram or as someone who is not really conversant with social media, you might be wondering what all the fuss about getting so many Instagram likes is all about. Everywhere you go you find people wondering how they will manage to get more likes on their Instagram page. They keeping taking photos and posting them on their pages and waiting for people to like them and you just do not understand why it is such a big issue.

You need to understand social media for you to be able to understand where this fuss is coming from. Social media is all about different people getting to engage. You get to interact with people that you know from your past and present and even with people that you do not know. For people to be able to notice you on social media, you need to have visibility. Visibility arises from popularity on social media and the popularity is a result of getting many likes and comments on the things that you post on social media. This is the reason behind all the fuss for Instagram likes. People are looking for that popularity that will get them good visibility on social media.