Do not be Monotonous

News 04:05 May 2024:

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For you to get Instagram likes, people have to actually like what you are posting. Before they can get to the point of clicking that like button, you must have picked their interest. Truth be told, predictable things do not really pick one’s interest. Being predictable will just mean that everyone knows what you will be posting next and no one will even be interested to actually visit you page and get to see what you are talking of this time.

Getting likes on social media requires creativity and thinking out of the box. You need to learn how to be random in a way that still get people attention; leave people guessing. You do not want to find yourself posting the same thing over and over again. All your posts cannot be about the same thing. Be diverse, take the leap and even venture into things that people never thought that you would. Do not simply post everything about your day, go beyond that. This will intrigue them and draw them to you and together with them they will bring very many Instagram likes.